In Fiscal Year 2012, HUD is requesting $2.65 billion to  

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In Fiscal Year 2012, HUD is requesting $2.65 billion to find programs that will promote the production of In Fiscal Year 2012, HUD is requesting affordable housing for low-to extremely low-income families and those with special needs.

The nation needs an increased supply of affordable rental homes in safe, mixed-income communities that provide access to jobs, good schools, transportation, high-quality services, and, most importantly, economic self-sufficiency. 

Also important is ensuring that the supply of rental housing enables communities to build their own “geographies of opportunity” – places that effectively connect people and families to jobs, transportation, quality public schools, and other key community assets.  In partnering with communities to create locally-driven  solutions to rental housing challenges, HUD will work to expand the supply of affordable rental housing and the capital needed to increase the supply, while sharpening our ability to target the needs of individuals and neighborhoods.

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IRS Revises Guide to Completing Form 8823

By Jo Ikelheimer, MPA, RHM

The Guide to Completing Form 8823, originally issued by the IRS in January 2007, has been published with the   latest revision dated October 2009. From its inception, language in the Guide has been clear that it is written for state agencies when preparing Form 8823 which is used to report noncompliance at LIHTC properties to the IRS. It is not to be considered formal IRS guidance and should be used solely for the interpretation of existing IRS regulations, which are well cited throughout the Guide. In other words, it should not be cited as an authoritative document. It does, however, provide important clarification for the industry in regard to several elements pertaining to the existing regulations.

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Download the Revised HUD 8823 Here

Changes to the HUD Handbook - 4350.3

    Effective August 1, 2009  HUD has published Change 3 of the HUD Handbook 4350.3. 

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